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Augmented Reality + eComm News Roundup | April 5, 2019

Augmented Reality + eComm News Roundup | April 5, 2019

From a news perspective, this week was exciting. And interesting. So we rounded up our favorite stories and packed them into a newsletter.  It’s a quick one, because just like wraparound sunglasses, we’ll be back next week.


Online Shopping FTW

For the first time ever, U.S. online shopping overtook in-store sales in the month of February, according to the Commerce Department.  This is huge for a few reasons.  For one, Amazon made up a large part of these numbers.  Additionally, while we’ve been marching toward this path for some time and the margin of difference is very small, it finally happened.  And it’s likely to continue.  In-store certainly isn’t out, but it is time for brands and retailers to integrate more omni-channel pathways, meeting shoppers wherever they are.


Gartner Bets on AR eCommerce

According to Gartner, 100 million consumers will be shopping in augmented reality online AND in-store by 2020. As the connected world evolves, shoppers want and expect more from retailers, and immersive shopping experiences deliver. Not sure how this applies to in-store, check out our most recent blog post covering “endless aisle” and augmented reality as in-store solutions.


The Race to 5G Has Begun

A week ahead of schedule, Verizon has begun activating 5G in parts of Minneapolis and Chicago.  5G brings greater speed, lower latency, and enables the connectivity of significantly more devices (think wearables, driverless cars, virtual reality).  While we’re still a long way off from widespread implementation, it has begun.


Looking to learn more?  Stay tuned – it’s our business, after all.  For a deeper dive into 3D & AR for eCommerce, check out our comprehensive ebook via the button below.