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goodr: From better to best with Virtual Try-on

goodr? Who are they, you ask? You’ll want to bookmark this small, quirky, fantastic brand of athletic sunglasses if you do any kind of exercise. Here’s why. 

When founder Stephen Lease was training for a marathon, he was ready to go: carrying his waistband of water bottles, headphones, and metal sunglasses that bounced around on his face. At that moment, he had an epiphany: scrap the rest of the gear and create a pair of sunglasses that fit, don’t bounce, block those pesky UV rays and make it affordable so all marathon runners can be stylish. 

This epiphany kicked off an unusually fun, fierce, and good-time business in 2015. They stick to what they know – activewear sunglasses – and their manifesto says it all:

“Ignite and unite the spirits of your friends.
Be active, be yourself, and live with purpose.
Getting a good story is all the reason you need to try something.
If you show up and run, you are a runner…your time and distance are just numbers.
Judge your success by the friends you meet and the high fives you give.
Own your gear, don’t let your gear own you.
What you talk about on a run stays on the run.
Strive for greatness and fight the urge to settle for ordinary.
When pain shows up, find a place to put it (until you can have a beer).
Always remember the closest bathroom.
Bring a dog with you as often as you can.
Whenever possible, wear a party tank — and remember, you bring the party to the tank top, the tank doesn’t bring the party to you.
Enjoy every step you take, every hill you climb, every view you earn.
Runner Swag is a mindset….when you look good, you play goodr.”

Did we mention they’re quirky? After being in business for just two years, they had 10K likes on FB and a crazy devoted following. Fast forward to the “hang-out store.”

Originally it was designed to be a place to chill after a run, have a pina colada, and maybe buy a pair of sunglasses. They quickly outgrew the space but kept it as a place to host local run clubs.


Sunglasses are such a competitive market, so they had to differentiate themselves from the pack. We think they’ve done a great job not only with their eCommerce site but with email marketing, too. They can’t help, but make jokes. And in today’s climate, we all need a laugh, right? So, we had to share the email we got after our first purchase of goodr sunglasses that certainly helps the company stand out.

It’s not surprising that people keep coming back for a laugh, but the fact that the quality is so darn good and the prices are incredible helps. While you may not be close enough to visit their physical store, you can find goodr in several national chains throughout the US, including REI and Fleet Feet. So seemingly, everything was running smoothly. But, there was something missing. 

When their band of loyal customers said the #1 thing that they wanted from their site was an interactive experience, they put down their pina coladas and called us…ahh, now we get to the reason you’re reading about this fantastic brand. 

The Challenge

In early 2018 they moved from a small community of runners buying products to a larger, exploding fanbase. That propelled them from being sunglasses-for-runners to a whole new host of athletes (golf, strength training, biking). With all the new traffic to their website, they saw a decline in conversion rates. The brand had to figure out how to sell to the audience who didn’t know them well. Yet. goodr conducted market research and the primary findings were clear – they needed to upgrade their photography and add virtual try-on – which was the #1 requested thing that shoppers said was missing from the website.

The Solution

In early 2020, goodr partnered with Vertebrae to launch virtual try-on on their site to allow shoppers to try on sunglasses from their mobile devices or from their desktop computers without having to download an app. 

And early results don’t lie.  Shoppers who engage with the Vertebrae experience on mobile are 41% more likely to convert than those who don’t engage. Already, overall online sales have been boosted by 10% on products that are try-on enabled. goodr also participated in A/B testing which we recommend for optimization of the experience and results. And, results across three variants have shown increases in RPV (revenue per visit) from 12% – 15% in just over a month.

Advice from goodr’s head of digital, Dan Weinsoft

For brands to succeed online, you must, must, must: “Analyze your data, listen to your customers, test everything. I can’t tell you how many businesses I’ve met over the years who were cocky enough to tell customers, “this is what you want” and it turns out to be a disaster. Taking risks is fine, but what data told you to bet the farm on a $400 disposable coffee cup that tells you the weather when you sip?” So, in short. Do your homework. Listen. Repeat. 

How to connect with goodr

Check out the goodr Instagram, or the website, or send an email to the CEO, Carl the flamingo, pictured below enjoying a shrimp cocktail. 

What goodr would like you to know

Exclusive deal: If you shop on now, we’ll give you a discount of nothing. Because we already make the most affordable performance sunglasses on the market, you won’t need a discount.

Things we love about this brand

They’re doing it right but keeping it light. goodr is not trying to change the world, just sell good, cheap, stylish sunglasses that won’t bounce off your face. They listen to their customers. They have a great offering of sunglasses and every single one has a virtual try-on option; just try not to buy them all!

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