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3D & AR eCommerce

Deliver 3D & augmented reality product experiences on your online product page – no app needed.

3D & AR eCommerce

3D + Augmented Reality Product - Nikon Camera


Enhanced Product Visualization & Try-On

Digital merchandising is now 3-dimensional. Vertebrae’s platform enables seamless creation, management, hosting, and integration of web-based 3d & augmented reality on your e-commerce site. Inspire consumer confidence with more informative product experiences, leading to increased conversion and lowered returns.

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Whitepaper: Traditional vs. Immersive Commerce Experiences

How Interactivity & Realism Influence Persuasion

In partnership with Fielding University, we conducted a study to determine whether 3D & augmented reality were more effective than 2D in building consumer confidence.  Access results and insights of this study via our comprehensive whitepaper.


Because Your Product isn’t Flat (Unless You Sell Paper)

Boost consideration and conversion by integrating web-based 3D & augmented reality product visualizations. Delivering high-quality, web-optimized 3D is simple with the right tools. Vertebrae supports 3D asset creation and integrates into current workflows so getting started is easy.

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3D & Augmented Reality Commerce - Mobile Product Experience


Make the Consumer the Star of Your Brand Story

Don’t just push a message – create a two-way conversation. 3D & augmented reality personalize and strengthen your consumer relationships. Activate augmented reality product experiences across social media and Search.

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3D & AR Media - Hawaiian Airlines - 3D & Augmented Reality Experience

A Few of Our Partners

Vertebrae works with leading direct-to-consumer brands and retailers to enable a better path to purchase.

Vertebrae Partners

Join the growing list of pioneering brands and retailers enabling a more seamless shopper experience with AR.

3D & Augmented Reality Commerce Partners

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