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3D & AR commerce experience

Boosts consideration and conversion with AR

Herschel shared results from deploying 3D & AR product visualizations on their site. Notably, for shoppers that used AR the results are so positive that the overall impact on all AR-accessible products is also substantial. When you single out just the shoppers who engaged 3D & AR, the numbers are even greater.

Engaged results

(includes only shoppers who engaged the 3D /AR experience)

Overall results

(including shoppers who did not engage the AR experience)

Herschel Supply Co. Partners with Vertebrae to deliver web-based 3D & AR

“We pride ourselves on a fine regard for detail combined with modern functionality. With Vertebrae, we’re able to showcase our products through the highest quality AR and 3D assets that we’re proudly featuring front and center on product pages. The transition to 3D image manipulation and AR capabilities is instantaneous, without needing an app download, and shoppers never lose track of their place on the path to purchase.” – Justin Bones, SVP, Direct to Consumer

Try it for yourself

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