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What brands and retailers need to know about Apple’s iOS 14.5 update

iOS 14.5, the latest version of Apple’s mobile operating system, and one of its most anticipated software updates for iPhones and iPads in years is launching today.

Apple users will now have to opt-in to be tracked, and if they do not opt-in, the app won’t be able to monitor and share data with third parties. This means brands and retailers will have a smaller pool of people that can be targeted with individual products/ads.

We will see a resurgence of brand advertising from this change in tracking, brand’s will have to strategize on how to win the hearts and minds of segments of customers vs. targeting products to individuals.

For digital retailers, this means more brand campaigns that get sent to landing pages, and likely lower traffic to individual product display pages (PDP’s) coming directly from ads. Optimizing the user journey and content of your site to account for this will be key.

To learn even more about how it works, read the New York Times article.

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