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QR codes: Past, present, and the exciting future

When Denso Wave created the QR code in 1994, to improve the manufacturing process of vehicles and parts, the idea of smartphones and AR commerce was not even a thought. Almost 30 years later QR codes can be found

AR vs VR: The differences explained

What is AR? Augmented reality (AR) may be a new term to some but it’s what Vertebrae specializes in. By definition, augmented reality is “an interactive experience of a real-world environment where the objects

Why DIY 3D and AR is tempting — and why it’s a bad idea

As demand for immersive shopping features surges, retailers may consider keeping 3D and augmented reality (AR) development in-house — a temptation they should resist if their assets are to be accessible, effective,

Why Vertebrae is leading the 3D and AR commerce revolution

Now more than ever, immersive commerce experiences in 3D and augmented reality (AR) that blend virtual products with real-world context are a vital tool to engage and convert online shoppers. With Vertebrae as their

Why immersive commerce is more essential than ever for retailers

The customer experience has never been more important for retailers as they fight to differentiate themselves from Amazon and other giant mass merchants. Now that the coronavirus has shuttered stores worldwide,

A Layman’s Guide to Augmented Reality and the Story of Vertebrae.

You may have been hearing a lot about “AR” recently. This term is up-and-coming, #trending, and a total buzz word. But what exactly is AR? Why should you care about it? In this blog, I will spell out

1-800-Flowers and Vertebrae: Apple Pay AR

Vertebrae’s immersive commerce tools are now more integrated with purchasing than ever, thanks to the addition of a new feature that enables transactions using ApplePay directly from augmented-reality (AR)

3D & AR eCommerce Use Cases by Industry

In the past year, we’ve seen multiple pioneering brands and retailers implement 3D and AR for e-commerce, and data from these early integrations inspired the wider segment of companies who are beginning to

Vertebrae Product Update – Samsung Support, Google Search, and More

We’re hard at work adding new features and optimizations to our 3D & AR production and content management platform, as well as our 3D & AR players.  The following is an overview of what’s new and how

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