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Why Vertebrae is leading the 3D and AR commerce revolution

Now more than ever, immersive commerce experiences in 3D and augmented reality (AR) that blend virtual products with real-world context are a vital tool to engage and convert online shoppers. With Vertebrae as their immersive commerce partner, retailers gain access to industry-leading technology with proven results.

Due to Covid-19, 3D and AR initiatives are moving to the top of brands’ priority lists. With demand for 3D and AR experiences growing and access widening, brands should evaluate potential vendors in the space for agility and proven expertise.

Vertebrae stands out because its patented Axis platform offers web-based flexibility and ease of use. Vertebrae helps brands develop 3D and AR assets that are accessible through the Web browser, with no specialized apps or equipment required. This foundation gives brands maximum flexibility, enabling them to deploy 3D and AR assets widely, from the eCommerce and mobile website to custom-built apps to social networks and paid media. The Axis content management system provides a unified portal for reviewing, publishing, and tracking asset usage.

Furthermore, the Web’s biggest players are partnering with Vertebrae to build immersive offerings. Vertebrae founder Vince Cacace is an immersive commerce pioneer and helped set advertising standards for 3D and AR-based formats. Vertebrae has worked with Facebook, Google, and Microsofton their 3D and AR initiatives, and the list of platform partners continues to grow.

Leading brands have achieved sales success with Vertebrae. Toyota1-800-FlowersHerschel Supply Co., and CB2, among others, have enhanced their online offerings with immersive experiences that drive shopping engagement and sales. They rely on Vertebrae to provide:

Premier 3D for a full product view.

3D is not only an important building block for advanced immersive experiences using AR; it’s a valuable sales tool in its own right, enabling customers to virtually flip and spin objects to examine them from every angle, as well as to zoom in on details such as closures, ports, textures, and decorations.

Vertebrae connects retailers with a network of 3D artists for high-quality asset creation that shows product details to their fullest advantage and enables shoppers to select and preview customization options on the fly. Then, using the Axis platform, sellers can view results of automated QA routines, preview 3D experiences, make adjustments and provide feedback to the 3D creation team, and publish to multiple channels — all from a unified dashboard. Brands with existing 3D assets can upload them into Axis to create a single asset management hub.

Iconic luxury brand Coach partnered with Vertebrae and Facebook to pilot AR ad campaigns that enabled shoppers to virtually try on sunglasses, with the option to purchase built directly into the ad. It was crucial to convey product quality and attention to detail in the 3D renderings that formed the basis of the experience.

“It was really important to my creative counterparts that the tea rose shimmered and the frame had the curve — and it did,” said Christine Petretta, Senior Manager of Paid Media at Coach. “It looked just like it would in person in the 3D rendering.” As a result, Coach reported a significant lift in ad recall and purchase intent, and is now planning to explore additional AR commerce initiatives.

AR to scale in real-life spaces.

Assessing real-life context is a top AR priority for shoppers, more than half of whom say they want help visualizing how products would look in their environments, according to a Vertebrae study. Especially when it comes to large items such as home furnishings and decor, AR features that use smartphone cameras to overlay images in real-life environments help shoppers assess how big items are, whether they fit in specific spaces, and whether they match existing surroundings.

Vertebrae’s AR assets provide the accurate size and scale and real-time tracking necessary for shoppers to gauge whether items fit their needs. And because AR experiences are web-based, retailers can place them throughout the eCommerce path-to-purchase on both desktop and mobile websites, where shoppers can access AR tools from any device with a single click.

Virtual try-on tools to gauge fit. 

Nowhere does the inability to touch and try items impact online shopping more than in the apparel category. Close to half of all U.S. consumers say they prefer to try on items before purchasing due to concerns over fit and style — and those who order online anyway tend to buy multiple sizes and return the rejects, contributing to return rates of up to 40% for apparel items.  It’s not surprising, then, that a quarter of consumers surveyed by Vertebrae said they’re eager to use AR tools that help them assess new makeup or clothing styles.

Vertebrae’s virtual try-on feature blends virtual product images with real-life input using rear-facing cell phone cameras and desktop or laptop webcam images, accurately displaying products in proportion. Shoppers can not only weigh whether products look good on them and match their personal style preferences; they can zoom in to examine product details and materials to assess quality.

Online emporium Tenth Street Hats saw engagement increase by a whopping 74% for products offering an AR-powered “try it on” feature within product pages designed for the mobile and desktop Web — and crucially, conversion jumped 33%.

“AR allows Tenth Street Hats to bridge the gap between digital and physical product experiences, enabling consumers to literally see products on themselves before committing to a purchase,” Tenth Street CEO Carson Finkle told Total Retail. “This increases confidence at the product level, ensuring a better buying experience. The differentiating wow factor that separates Tenth Street Hats from the competition is a memorable experience for the consumer.”

Vertebrae’s Axis platform leads the industry when it comes to rendering technology and deployment capabilities for both 3D and AR. Contact Vertebrae today to get started and join the vanguard of immersive commerce.

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