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1-800-Flowers and Vertebrae: Apple Pay AR

Vertebrae’s immersive commerce tools are now more integrated with purchasing than ever, thanks to the addition of a new feature that enables transactions using ApplePay directly from augmented-reality (AR) experiences.

1-800-Flowers debuted the feature as part of its peak-season rollout prior to Valentine’s Day. Bouquets can be viewed in high-resolution 3D and AR through the eCommerce Web site product page, with no app download required — enabling evaluation of the shape and composition of floral arrangements as well as their size relative to objects in shoppers’ real-life environments.

Shoppers with ApplePay-enabled devices can then opt to purchase directly from the AR experience, rather than exiting back to the product page to add items to the cart and check out.


This innovation is important given the rising popularity of ApplePay, which overtook retailer Starbucks to become the top mobile payment method in 2018 and is now used by 13.7% of all U.S. smartphone users, according to eMarketer. Rising acceptance at physical store point-of-sale locations means more consumers have the payment app installed and configured, and can go on to conduct seamless mobile web transactions through 1-800-Flowers and the AR experience.

Apple’s move toward wearables that incorporate AR also makes integration of its payment app more urgent. Apple wearables now account for nearly as much business as Mac laptops and computers, Business Intelligence reported — and 75% of Apple Watch buyers in the past year were new to wearables, signaling surging growth in the sector. AR-enabled glasses may be the next wearable to debut,  given Apple CEO Tim Cook’s continued enthusiasm for AR as a technology that will “pervade our lives,” as he said in a recent earnings call.

In 2020, Vertebrae continues to prioritize making immersive experiences faster, easier for brands to deploy across touchpoints, and easier for consumers to use and shop from than ever. Watch our News page for further announcements coming this spring — and meantime, to join the vanguard of immersive shopping contact us today.