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Immersive Commerce Takes Center Stage for 2020

AR and VR was a hot topic at CES this year. Anyone walking through the Las Vegas Convention Center could find VR and AR offerings everywhere, and 2020 is definitely the year that AR and VR moved beyond the realm of sci-fi to real-world applications across every industry.

Vertebrae was excited to be part of the CES buzz through our partnership with Microsoft., announced today -or- earlier this week. Together, we showcased groundbreaking 3D and AR functionality that helps brands create outstanding shopping experiences across all channels.

In the Microsoft booth, Vertebrae demonstrated how its patented 3D and AR technology enables shoppers to fully visualize and try out virtual products as they research and buy on Microsoft’s commerce sites, in brick and mortar stores, and on partner sites where Microsoft products are sold — all without requiring an app download.

Shoppers considering Microsoft’s Surface Pro X laptops can rotate and flip the embedded 3D image, zoom in on ports and buttons to assess compatibility and function, and see how a hidden pen tray opened and closed — telling the product story in a way that is nearly impossible to do with 2D imagery alone.

Using AR, they could place the assets in real-life context to gauge product dimensions, and as they chose keyboard and laptop case colors, the selections rendered in real time, enabling visitors to view fully-customized configurations before hitting the ‘buy’ button.

The product visualizations not only enhance the online and mobile purchase journey, but can be an invaluable asset for retail stores. For example, popular versions of gaming systems that aren’t widely available, such as the limited-edition “Gears of War” model in view at CES, can be shown in 3D and AR to give store shoppers an opportunity to inspect virtual models even if items aren’t in stock on the shelves.

The CES showcase capped a year of innovation and client success for Vertebrae, as 3D and AR commerce experiences found an ever wider audience.  In our next blog post, we will share some of our most innovative client stories from 2019 that prove 3D and AR not only drive overall sales, but deliver more satisfied customers.

Catch up on the latest company news and then contact us if you’re ready to join the vanguard of immersive shopping.

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