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Enhance the shopper experience with 3D Player

With our 3D Player we have the proprietary ability to render a 3D asset faster than anyone in the world. Our 3D Player is available on all browsers and devices and has full configuration capabilities along with:

  • Color configurations
  • Language localization
  • Hotspots
  • Behavioral insights into how customers engage with the 3D assets



Reduce the imagination gap with AR commerce 

Be able to answer key questions shoppers have like how big is it? and will it match my style? With Vertebrae’s view in your space AR, shoppers will be able to see immediately if the product fits their space. The can zoom in on intricate details like product stitching and see the product from every angle because our solution includes:

  • Accurate size and scale
  • Instructional widgets
  • Accessibility on all devices

Look fabulous with Virtual Try-On

With Vertebrae’s Virtual Try-On, consumers can experience real-world products through the Web and on mobile devices right where they are. Vertebrae’s exemplary technology is able to identify the type of device a person is using and deliver optimized experiences based on the capabilities of the device for a real-life shopping experience in the moment. Key benefits include:

  • No application download required
  • Only accurate size and scale sold in the world
  • Try-on right from mobile device or desktop


Customize in 3D

Generate endless – over a 100 billion – customized product configurations in real-time with the Vertebrae Configurator. Easily integrate into existing web properties that will allow for on-the-fly customizations of the 3D product that negate negative impact to page load performance. At any step in the configuration process, shoppers are able to engage with the product in AR using their mobile device or desktop.


Promote the experience

Promoting the immersive experience is a huge contributor to the success of your 3D & AR commerce. We recommend homepage callouts, including AR category pages on your site, and providing educational videos when necessary. QR codes are another great way to promote the experience. These can be generated for a product in your store window displays, retail spaces, packages and other merchandising, social media, email campaigns, print materials, and even trade shows to enable the augmented reality experience.


Syndicate your assets

We understand you want to make the most of your asset investment and you must be able to generate assets that conform to a variety of requirements. Vertebrae makes it easy to generate and distribute the assets tied to your product catalog through synchronization of unique identifiers in your needed formats/requirements and your channels so you can be everywhere your shoppers are. We power distribution to:

  • Web – your eCommerce site & your retail partners’ sites
  • In-app
  • Snap ads
  • Social
  • Digital marketing

Experts by your side

Tap into Vertebrae experts that understand and have knowledge on various eCommerce design and implementation platforms to enable the optimal immersive experience for your shopper. Let our team guide you through all the steps of the process, share best practices, and help you achieve your ROI goals with 3D & AR optimization right on your website.

“Vertebrae’s technology makes visualizing products in 3D & AR an instant-loading, frictionless experience for consumers across all devices and browsers, and includes analytics to gain insights into the visual characteristics that are driving purchasing behavior.”

Matt King
chief technology officer, YETI

We integrate seamlessly with all platforms including:


Insights &

Measure the impact of your experiences