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Value for your investment

Easily understand the ROI from shoppers engaging with Vertebrae by implementing our transaction tracking pixel. We provide access to regular reporting and data for tracking engagement and conversion.

  • Measure the impact of 3D & AR from both user and product perspectives
  • Evaluate variations of your product experiences for optimizing results with Vertebrae’s A/B testing platform

Knowledge is power

Get access to reporting and data for deeper business insight into customer engagement, shopper experience, and ROI.

Effectively analyze conversions and revenue lifts and transaction tracking of your product experiences for optimization with Vertebrae’s A/B testing.


3D & AR analytics

3D & AR product experiences are establishing a new standard for customer engagement. Understand how shoppers are experiencing your products through data to better inform your merchandising strategy.

Engagement analytics

Vertebrae comes with reporting and insights into how your customers are engaging with your products. 

Checkout integration

Vertebrae can integrate conversion data with engagement data to allow companies insights on how engaging with 3D & AR increase the bottom line. 

Experience optimization

Use Vertebrae’s A/B testing platform to evaluate variations of your 3D & AR product experiences for optimized results.

“We pride ourselves on a fine regard for detail combined with modern functionality. With Vertebrae, we’re able to showcase our products through the highest quality AR and 3D assets that we’re proudly featuring front and center on product pages. The transition to 3D image manipulation and AR capabilities is instantaneous, without needing an app download, and shoppers never lose track of their place on the path to purchase.”

Justin Bones
svp, direct to consumer, Herschel Supply Co.


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