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Convert assets in minutes
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Easily convert existing assets

You’ve already got 3D models of products so there’s no need to start from scratch. We support all categories of models including furniture, footwear, and eyewear. The conversion process is quick and assets can be converted in minutes. Vertebrae delivers assets to retail partners and social platform specifications and outputs these assets with default specifications that are based on Khronos 3DCommerce.


Photorealistic assets

We support all categories and details of your 3D assets. Our ability to capture metal, reflections,  and realistic surface textures to bring your products to life sets our product ahead of the pack. We deliver physically-based material that reacts to light when rendered in your augmented reality-supported device making it more realistic and we support all industry-standard formats.


Auto-generated color variations

The Vertebrae solution speeds up the process of exporting assets in different colorways saving time and money. The system is structured to enable efficient color swapping in real-time that does not impact the performance of your web page. We ensure the assets are lightweight and efficiently loaded onto your eCommerce site.


Robust quality assurance

Before any manual QA is done we put every asset through an automatic quality control process. Vertebrae’s automated QA process ensures that your finished assets are in the correct dimensions and specifications. The benefit to our customers is large amounts of files go through this process saving both time and money. 


“We knew that 3D & AR would deliver an innovative shopping experience that went far beyond video or still images. Now digital shoppers can bring a virtual sofa into their home or office and even walk around it to see if it fits their space and matches the existing style of the room.”

James Vernon
head of online, DFS


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