3D & AR content management - Vertebrae, a Snap Inc. company

Upload catalog

It’s easy to import relevant product data to our system through data feed or API. We have created an intuitive CMS that is both simple and easy to use.

Navigate assets

Users can browse through the product catalog to track the progress of workflows and view deployment statuses for individual products and 3D experiences. Easily view, search, sort, and filter by applicable data fields, and monitor overall progress on a simple dashboard containing holistic metrics.

View 3D & AR experiences

Once a basic 3D asset is created, the Vertebrae platform automatically generates derivatives for augmented reality and web environments.

Feedback & approval

Each asset goes through a two-step QA process. First is an automated check on the asset and associated files. Then, we do a manual review to ensure it meets our standards. We are serious about quality!

Once an asset has passed Vertebrae’s internal standard, it becomes available for our clients to preview and test in AR prior to going live. Clients can collaborate with our team by providing feedback on any asset directly in the Vertebrae 3D manager.

Publish experiences

Deliver shopping experiences people love. Publish assets directly to your site from the Vertebrae platform with a single click.

Download assets & QR codes

Quickly download assets to your eCommerce site or social platforms and be everywhere your customers are. Implement QR codes so shoppers can engage with product experiences in real-time wherever they shop.

“Vertebrae shares our commitment to quality and excellence, and it was an easy decision to partner with their team to manage and deploy 3D & AR in keeping with the service we have offered to our clients for over a century. As a generational family business, we are dedicated to providing a memorable and seamless omni-channel experience for all of our customers whether they are shopping with us in-person or online.”

Zack Moscot
chief design officer, MOSCOT

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