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AR Commerce on the Web

Deliver browser-based 3D & augmented reality commerce experiences on your product page – no app needed.

Whitepaper: Traditional vs. AR Commerce Experiences

How Interactivity & Realism Influence Persuasion

We conducted a study in partnership with Fielding University to better understand whether 3D & augmented reality commerce visualizations are more effective than 2D in boosting conversion.  Access results and expert insights, all packaged into a whitepaper.

Enable 3D and Augmented Reality Product Visualizations on Your eCommerce Website

Number 1

Add 3D to your existing product pages.
No app needed.

Augmented Reality Commerce on the Product Page - Chair
Number 2

With 3D, shoppers can rotate and scale products to explore details up close.

Augmented Reality Commerce - 3D Experience - Chair
Number 3

Activate AR to allow customers to
fully visualize and try-out your products.

Augmented Reality Commerce - AR Chair placed in living room

Discover why leading retailers are implementing 3D & AR eCommerce with Vertebrae via our comprehensive eBook.

We’ve made it easy to effectively manage and use 3D assets.

3D & AR e-commerce pipeline - 3D creation, management, integration, & measurement

3D Modeling

Bring your own or let us help you create high-quality 3D assets, cost-efficiently and quickly for your entire product catalog.  We use a variety of methods for 3D product creation, including photogrammetry, 3D modeling, and laser scanning.  To learn more, check out our recent post on 3D creative for AR.


Stay organized. Axis is your one-stop-shop for storing, previewing, and cataloging your 3D & AR commerce library.  Whether you have several models or thousands, in one format or many, Axis hosts and tags your product assets by SKU, ensuring organization and ease of use.


Seamlessly publish your 3D & AR products from Axis to your current e-commerce stack with one JavaScript integration. AR e-commerce is not limited to any particular platform with Axis.

We integrate with:

Platform Integration Logos for Augmented Reality Commerce


Capture interaction-based 3D & AR commerce insights for a deeper understanding of what is converting and why.  Apply those insights to your cross-channel marketing efforts for a holistic approach to the consumer journey.

Why 3D & AR Commerce?

AR Commerce - 3D Model Mesh of Mixer

3D at Scale

We help you easily turn your entire product catalog into high-fidelity 3D models. Leverage Vertebrae’s creative team for expert insight into 3D creative methodology and best practices.

Adidas 3D Shoe Shopping Experience with Buy Now CTA

Conversion Lift

Remove the guesswork of online shopping with 3D & AR product visualizations.  Promote consumer confidence at the product and category level, while decreasing returns.

AR Commerce - Chair with Touch Interaction

Immersive Analytics

We’ve made it easy to capture and apply insights. Access visual intent data from 3D & AR experiences.  To evaluate ROI, integrate feedback from your checkout page.

Augmented Reality Commerce | Case Study

Retailers like Tenth Street Hats are seeing a 33% increase in conversion by implementing 3D & AR for e-commerce.  For more information, check out the full Tenth Street Hats case study.

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