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A New Augmented Shopping
Experience for the Web

Implement 3D and Augmented Reality onto your website with Axis, Vertebrae’s e-commerce platform.

Add 3D to your product pages.
No app needed.

Augmented Commerce Product Page

Rotate, scale, and select from
various colors and textures in 3D.


Enable AR to allow customers to
fully visualize and try-on your products.

How It Works

We’ve made it easy to effectively manage and use 3D assets.

How It Works

We’ve made it easy to effectively manage and use 3D assets.

Axis Platform Image

3D Modeling

Bring your own or let us help you create 3D assets, cost-efficiently and quickly, for your entire product catalog.


Stay organized.  Axis is your one-stop-shop for storing, previewing, and cataloging your 3D & AR product library.


Seamlessly publish your 3D & AR products from Axis to your current e-commerce stack with one JavaScript integration.

Axis integrates with:


Measure traditional and new interaction-based 3D & AR insights for a deeper understanding of what is converting and why.

Why Use Axis?

3D at Scale

We help you easily turn your entire product catalog into high-fidelity 3D models and feature them on your e-commerce website.

Conversion Lift

Remove the guesswork of online shopping.  Promote consumer confidence through AR product visualization and virtual try-on.

Interaction-based Insights

Understand how shoppers evaluate and respond to your products.  Leverage insights across your entire marketing stack.

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