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We are thrilled to be attending RetailX in-person and speaking with our wonderful client, Lizzy Ellingson, chief digital experience office, at David's Bridal. This is an event you won't want to miss and a session you'll want to add to your calendar.

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How to create digital experiences that rival in-store

What if you could create digital experiences that are as good as in-store experiences? In this webinar, we'll demonstrate how today’s technology can help you create eCommerce experiences that are BETTER than in-store experiences. We’ll discuss the acceleration of augmented reality (AR) in eCommerce in 2020 and how AR technology has advanced beyond only working with apps that need to be downloaded to let you see products from all sides in your home. We’re also going to explore how livestream shopping (through video), 3D video, and enhanced chat can offer similar consumer benefits as shopping in-store, ultimately improving eCommerce conversion.

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David’s Bridal brings 3D & AR gowns to shoppers

In episode 275 of Total Retail Talks, Editor-in-Chief Joe Keenan interviews Lizzy Ellingson, chief digital experience officer at David's Bridal, the largest American bridal store chain. Listen in as Ellingson discusses David's Bridal's use of 3D and augmented reality (AR) technology to let shoppers try on virtual bridal gowns; why it was important to provide customers a seamless, browser-based experience; and how consumers experience the 3D and AR technology from both mobile and desktop browsers. In addition, Ellingson shares how David's Bridal's customers are using 3D and AR technology within the purchase journey, the feedback the company has received since launching the technology in September, and why the retailer partnered with 3D and AR commerce company Vertebrae to offer these shopping tools.

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Retail Digital Transformation

Augmented reality - enabling retailers to open their high street shops online This session examined the concept of augmented reality (AR) and how retailers can showcase their online product catalog with 3D & AR. Immersive experiences mimic real-life and allow a consumer to zoom in, examine details, see what an item looks like in their own environment, and virtually try on items as they would if shopping in-store. Retailers can offer a 360 degree shopping experience, that is photorealistic and shoppable from a phone or desktop computer, no application download required. 3D & AR allow shoppers to experience real-life scenarios online Increasing your reach by allowing shoppers to have immersive experiences from the comfort of their homes Bring your products alive Deploy 3D & AR content frictionlessly - everywhere your customers shop Bring in-store shopping experience to online customers

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Augmented Reality: Like Real Reality, but Better (for Retailers)

Ecommerce took a giant leap forward in 2020, and there is no going back. As retailers seek new ways to engage shoppers outside the confines of the physical store, augmented reality (AR) has quickly risen to the forefront. Effective use of AR can help shoppers get a look “under the hood” of items they’re interested in buying, providing both the capability to zoom in, spin, and look at the product from every angle.

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Lessons Learned from Implementing 3D & AR

The first of a series of Vertebrae webinars covering client case studies started with online-only retailer, Tenth Street Hats.

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