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How AR technology speeds up sales of water-treatment equipment

Since deploying the Axis 3D-AR platform, which is from Vertebrae Inc., earlier this year, MI Systems has seen early indications that customers are beginning to cut by at least half their number of visits to MI Systems—from as many as six to three or fewer—before finalizing a purchase decision.

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Herschel Supply Partners With Vertebrae to Deliver Web-Based 3D and Augmented Reality (AR) Shopping Experiences Across Touchpoints

Using the Vertebrae Axis platform, shoppers visiting Herschel Supply’s top product pages immediately view a 3D-enabled image flagged with an icon and a “drag to rotate” overlay prompt — giving them direct access to 3D interactivity for product exploration from every angle.

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Tenth Street Hats lifts its revenue with AR tool

The hat retailer deployed its AR try-on tool last September with one hat. Now, shoppers can “try on” about 32 hats, which has helped Tenth Street Hats increase its conversion rate and average order value for shoppers who engage with the AR tool.

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Toyota Deploys AR to give Mobile Shoppers 3-D, Up-Close and Personal Look at its Cars

Just when you thought augmented reality (AR) and mixed reality (MR) had fallen off the creative drawing board, Saatchi & Saatchi, in partnership with Vertebrae, a company that creates AR experiences for brands as a form of consumer engagement, is bringing it back to the forefront in a new immersive experience with Japanese auto manufacturer Toyota. Toyota’s immersive AR experience will lead the auto industry in what is sure to be an increasing move toward digital transformation in the form of AR and MR.

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Breathe New Life into Shopping Experiences with Interactive Visual Content Tools

A new generation of visual tools is now available to bring the physical environment into the shopping process, allowing consumers to locate, evaluate and share products in new ways. Thanks to the near ubiquity of smartphones, consumers are viewing — and creating — more visual content than ever. This has made image-centric social media networks among the most popular destinations on the web. Instagram’s user base grew 25 percent between 2016 and 2018, according to the Pew Research Center, and Pinterest and Snapchat have likewise risen to prominence as mobile-first, visually rich social destinations.

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Toyota’s New Augmented Reality Shopping Experience: A Shift in the Car Buying Journey?

Just when you thought augmented reality (AR) and mixed reality (MR) had fallen off the creative drawing board, Saatchi & Saatchi, in partnership with Vertebrae, a company that creates AR experiences for brands as a form of consumer engagement, is bringing it back…

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Magna Imperio Systems Selects Vertebrae for 3D & AR Sales Enablement

Vertebrae, a technology innovator in interactive 3D and augmented reality commerce solutions, announced a new 3D and AR sales enablement partnership with MI Systems (MIS), a provider of high-performance desalination systems for industrial, municipal, and defense projects worldwide.

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How to measure impact of 3D, AR e-commerce

Augmented reality commerce (3D & AR product experiences) can help merchants overcome e-commerce’s steepest challenges—starting with the industry’s high rate of returns. But to get the full picture of how 3D visualization and augmented reality can impact their businesses, merchants must evolve their metrics along with their e-commerce sites.

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Latest Google AR Tech Might Be A Wake-Up Call For Marketers

The augmented reality (AR) features Google released to the web in search and on retail website pages in Chrome Canary and Chrome 69 offer a simple object viewing experience. This week at the I/O developers conference, the company said this will change.

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The Top Austin Tech and Startup Hires of March 2019

Austin is a tech talent powerhouse. The city’s blend of software and business minds is one of the reasons companies including Apple, Google and Facebook have made Austin one of their primary hubs. It’s also why Austin is able to produce such a steady flow of promising startups.

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Why 3D And AR E-Commerce Should Take Priority In Your Digital Content Strategy

Content is king — and as the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. A recent report showed nearly two-thirds of B2C marketers increased their investment in visual content in 2018. More than half (52%) used it to generate sales and 63% to build loyalty with existing customers.

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Make Shopping Fun

It’s not just the uses that have changed. Historically, a shopper would have to download an app to make AR work. “AR was initially valuable for high-consideration, low-conversion products,” Cacace says. “With the prevalence of 3D and AR, it is democratized to the point where everyone is capable of having an immersive experience.”

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Welcome, Y’all: 5 Tech Companies that Recently Expanded to Austin

Santa Monica-based adtech startup Vertebrae welcomed two big Austin tech hires this month to develop its new local office. The company, which creates immersive e-commerce experiences using augmented reality, brought on Garrett Eastham, formerly from and Bazaarvoice as chief data officer, and Rob Weaver Dosh and Civitas Learning, as chief revenue officer.

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AR Helps Tenth Street Hats Boost Engagement, Conversions

Vertebrae’s technology solves the friction problem of requiring our customers to download an app in order to have an AR product experience. Furthermore, it handles the hard work of delivering AR to any device or operating system so that we can focus on delighting our customers.

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How retailers can drive ROI with 3D and AR on websites

3D and AR need no longer be limited to retailers’ mobile apps. New technology makes it possible to add these immersive displays to website product pages and other online venues, most notably social media.

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Why 3D and AR Could Be the Next Big Innovation Wave in E-Commerce

For years now 3-D object renderings found their way to consumers through the clunky virtual reality headset experience or inside mobile apps built by brands like Sephora. Lately, some companies are developing ways to bring 3-D directly to web-based commerce, no app or headgear required. People are better able to understand and interact with things…

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Augmented Reality In Retail – The Incredible Case Of Tenth Street Hats

Tenth Street’s decision to work with Vertebrae was the fact that their solution is implemented directly into existing websites. Rather than using an app, Tenth Street customers see the option of launching the AR experience as soon as they touch down on the homepage.

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Why 3D and AR Could Be the Next Big Innovation Wave in E-Commerce

Augmented reality lets people “see” how 3-D objects would look in the real world; visitors browsing the website for client Tenth Street Hats, for example, can virtually try on a snappy fedora to get a feel for whether that style or color works for them. Since moving to the Vertebrae platform, Tenth Street Hats has seen engagement on product pages jump 74 percent, driving conversions up about 33 percent, Cacace noted.

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LA Clippers Launch ‘Moneyball’ Fan Competition in Augmented Reality

Cheddar’s Max Godnick visited the Staples Center, home to the L.A. Clippers, to get an up close look at the team’s popular Moneyball competition, where fans shoot baskets for cash prizes. The franchise is expanding the game into the cheap seats with a new AR experience that lets spectators shoot virtual balls from the stands.

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L.A. Clippers Team Up with Vertebrae to Debut Augmented Reality Fan Experience

“AR offers a powerful way to blend the physical and virtual worlds to drive positive association and fan engagement,” said Vince Cacace, CEO of Vertebrae. “We’re honored to work with the L.A. Clippers and Agua Caliente to take the next step in immersive fan experiences, bringing them directly to fans on their mobile phone without the extra step of an app download.”

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Clippers Partner With Vertebrae to Create AR Pop-A-Shot Mobile Game

The Los Angeles Clippers have launched a new augmented reality Pop-A-Shot basketball game for fans. The mobile game was developed in partnership with Vertebrae, is firm that creates web-based AR experiences for brands.

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3 Ecommerce Trends You Must Prepare for in 2019

Retail ecommerce sales continue trending upward, and consumer confidence has reached an 18-year high.  Conditions are ripe for brands with an established ecommerce presence, but that doesn’t mean business as usual will always suffice.

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How Martech Vendors Jockeyed for Position in 2018

From responding to regulation to paving the way for new partnerships and technological possibilities, here’s a look at the big moves marketing technology vendors made this year.

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Studies ID Better Ways to Engage Shoppers

First, out from Vertabrae, new data that indicates augmented reality is one key area for experience. Their data found that, of those who have tried AR for retail buys, most (78%) prefer AR to simple video content or ads. The preference comes from being able to “see” new sofas, desks, or even clothing among a consumers current pieces.

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A new web-based AR platform looks promising for retailers

AR solutions provider Vertebrae launched a web-based AR commerce platform that enables retailers to build immersive AR shopping experiences for consumers to use on their websites.

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It’s time to make augmented reality a bigger part of e‑commerce

To stay in step with consumers, retailers clearly need to accelerate AR adoption. But not all experiences are created equal. Retailers must keep two considerations top of mind if they are to ensure AR becomes a business tool, not a gimmick.

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Hats Off: 3-D Technology That Aims for Proper Fit

Today, Vertebrae announces the availability of its augmented reality commerce platform, Axis, with the vision of scaling “immersive” AR experiences in the retail environment with no app required.

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Vertebrae Launches Augmented Reality E-Commerce Platform

Since beginning use of the Axis feature in August, Tenth Street Hats has reported a 33 percent increase in purchases and a 74.3 percent audience engagement increase on its website – essentially, people linger longer on the site and spend more.

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AR/VR agency Vertebrae launches web-based AR platform for online retailers

Online retailers now have another weapon in their marketing arsenal: a new augmented reality (AR) Web-based platform. Called Axis, it is intended specifically for retailers and was launched on Monday by Santa Monica AR/VR ad agency and tech shop Vertebrae.

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Fashion’s infatuation with AR continues, but only certain use cases inspire consumer engagement

What’s notable about the Tenth Street Hats AR effort is that it is focused around retail. The AR tools provided let customers see a product in three dimensions before they buy it. This type of “virtual try-on” has concrete value for the consumer and is one of the reasons companies that specialize in this type of tool for beauty brands, like YouCam, have had such success with AR.

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Vertebrae Launches Axis, a New Augmented Commerce Platform

Vertebrae, a technology innovator in interactive 3D and AR solutions, today announced the launch of Axis, a breakthrough augmented commerce platform for retail. With Axis, retailers can rapidly transform their existing site with 3D and AR experiences that allow customers to fully visualize and try out any number of virtual products as they research and buy.

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Tenth Street Hats sees 74.3% engagement jump with shoppable AR try-ons

The platform, called Axis, aims to help web retailers more easily turn their product catalogs into customizable and reusable 3D models to add to their existing product workflows. Shoppers of Tenth Street Hats can now virtually try on hats through a smartphone camera without downloading an app.

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Retailers Can Deploy AR Shopping Experiences Using Vertebrae’s New Axis Platform

Looking to make that process easier – and more viable for smaller companies – Vertebrae has developed Axis so that retailers can transform their existing site with 3D and AR experiences that allow customers to fully visualize and try out any number of virtual products as they research and buy.

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Tenth Street Hats Deploys Augmented Reality

Tenth Street Hats is trying on augmented reality for size.  The web-only hat retailer this week launched an augmented reality feature on its desktop and mobile site that allows shoppers to virtually try on hats using the camera feature on their device.

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Augmented Reality Ads Are Here.  Is Your Brand Ready?

Now that Facebook is experimenting with augmented reality in news feeds, the stage is set to change the way audiences interact with ads.  Here’s everything you need to know about getting in on the AR revolution.

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If You Can’t Beat ’em, Join ’em. Leveraging AR to its Fullest

Sure, Snapchat first popularized Augmented Reality lenses, but there’s no shame in leveraging the immersive format across additional platforms (Facebook obviously doesn’t think so).  Vince Cacace, CEO at AR advertising platform Vertebrae, dives into how brands can leverage AR assets…

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Reality Check:  Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are Changing the Media Landscape

Imagine that you have an important event next month that requires a new outfit.  However, the thought of getting in your car to drive to a local department store and fighting the crowds while you shop sounds less than appealing.  Imagine instead, slipping on a sleek headset in the comfort of your home…

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Augmented Reality Tapped for Power Rangers Ad Campaign

Results from an augmented reality ad campaign for Saban Brands’ Power Rangers franchise have been tabulated to determine the AR impact on time spent with the ad and click-through rates.

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Moving Past the Experiment Stage, Is Advertising in Augmented Reality Ready to Take Off?

There’s not a bigger number in the burgeoning business of augmented reality than 900 million. That’s the estimated number of AR-capable mobile phones worldwide expected to be in place by year’s end, according to recent projections.

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Power Rangers Get Browser-Based AR Ads Ahead of 25th Anniversary (Exclusive)

Ever dreamed of being a Power Ranger?  Now you can, thanks to a new augmented reality (AR) experience that makes use of your phone’s front-facing camera to let you try on the Rangers’ iconic outfits for a selfie – and you don’t even have to install an app for it.

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Vertebrae Delivers Augmented Reality at Scale for ‘Power Rangers’ 25th Anniversary Campaign

With Saban Brands, Vertebrae, the leading augmented and virtual reality platform, has unveiled the first multi-environment mobile web Augmented Reality ad experience as part of the official 25th anniversary campaign for Saban’s Power Rangers, the iconic superhero franchise.

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Power Rangers Kicks Off Anniversary Push with Browser-Based AR Ads

Saban Brands’ “Power Rangers” is celebrating its 25th year on TV with a campaign that features browser-based mobile ads that open into an augmented reality (AR) experience, according to a press release shared with Mobile Marketer.

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Power Rangers Kicks Off Anniversary Push with Browser-Based AR Ads

Saban Brands’ “Power Rangers” is celebrating its 25th year on TV with a campaign that features browser-based mobile ads that open into an augmented reality (AR) experience, according to a press release shared with Mobile Marketer.

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Power Rangers Taps Augmented Reality For Ad Campaign

To celebrate 25 years of Power Rangers, the iconic superhero franchise is launching a multi-environment mobile web augmented reality ad campaign. The AR experience, on premium publisher sites across Chrome and Safari mobile web browsers, allows fans to morph into their favorite Power Ranger.

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The State of Interactive Advertising: New Formats are Infusing Digital Ads with Creativity that Gets Results

With the rise of mobile usage, brands have been challenged to figure out how to do more with less screen real estate and shorter attention spans.  Thanks to a combination of new technologies, more powerful mobile devices and a drive to blast through banner blindness, a new level of creativity is coming to mobile advertising as interactive ads are finally coming into their own.

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‘Jigsaw’ Augmented Reality Ads Hit the Mobile Web

Augmented reality ads are breaking out of messaging apps and coming to the mobile web in a new campaign from Lionsgate.

The film studio has created an animated selfie filter that’s much like a Snapchat lens to promote the new movie “Jigsaw,” the latest installation in the “Saw” franchise, and is distributing it with an ad buy across the mobile web.

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Vertebrae Standing Up AR Ad Platform for ARKit Arrival

When iOS releases in the next few weeks, consumers on both iOS and Android operating systems can expect to see more AR ads in the mobile web browsers thanks to Vertebrae, an advertising platform for immersive media.

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iOS11 Kickstarts Mobile AR Marketing

The beginning of the era of augmented reality is here, and we have the device in our pocket to thank.  When a new technological innovation evolves from the theoretical to the practical, the most common question people ask is, “how do I get it?”

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Shonduras Shares Branded Content Secrets at Elevate

Shaun McBride, a popular creator on Snapchat and other digital platforms who is better known by his online handle Shonduras, had a message for marketers Tuesday at the Elevate Conference: trust influencers like himself to know how to move audiences.

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What Happens When You Can’t Look Away? How VR Developers Used Gaze Activated Technology to Captivate Comic-Con

A young woman runs up to the camera, frantic. She begs the viewer not to look away from her, to steady their eyes — but then, in the corner, a flash. And then another one, just out the corner of your eye. And she continues to beg, the viewer finds it harder and harder to focus, until eventually, most give in and glance over.

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IAB Releases New Ad Portfolio with Flexible Ad Sizes

The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) today released a finalized version of the new “IAB Standard Ad Unit Portfolio,” featuring ads that allow for creative to adjust to a variety of screen sizes and resolution capabilities.

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ViveX Demo Day Batch 2 Featured 26 VR And AR Companies

Today at an event in San Francisco HTC hosted a Vive X Demo Day for its second batch of funded company demos. The event featured 26 different companies ranging from game developers, enterprise applications, ease-of-use convenience tools, and a litany of other projects.

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VR gets 3D product placement thanks to Vertebrae’s new SDK

As more people buy virtual reality hardware, advertising on those headsets is becoming more viable. And that’s where Vertebrae wants to step in and help out developers.

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Vive X: Here Are The 33 VR Startups HTC Vive Just Funded

HTC’s Vive X accelerator program is welcoming more than 30 new VR and AR startups to the fold with investments in North America and Asia.

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HTC Invests in 33 More AR/VR Startups

HTC’s Vive X accelerator is a $100 million fund for AR/VR companies that the company announced last year. Today HTC is revealing the second batch of companies that will receive investments and mentorship from the program.

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HTC adds 30 more companies to its virtual reality accelerator

Maker of the HTC Vive VR headset, HTC wants to ensure that VR becomes the next-generation platform of computing by seeding startups to make software for the Vive. With that in mind, it started the Vive X accelerator to fund and train startups in San Francisco, Beijing, Shenzhen, and Taipei.

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50 LA startups to watch in 2017

2016 was undoubtedly a great year for the LA tech community. As it becomes clear to the rest of the world that Los Angeles is no longer just a hub for entertainment, the amount of tech talent and new companies popping up in the area means 2017 will be just as big.

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30 Under 30 2017: The Young Innovators

Quick: Name one of the hottest industries right now, the one with such dizzying innovation, it’s tough to keep up.  If you’d said the advertising and marketing industry, you’d get a gold star.

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Tinder, Twitter and Other Tech Players Marketers Should See at CES

It’s not all about gadgets at the Consumer Electronics Show: It’s also about the tech and marketing behind the scenes.

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Forecast 2017: Mobile, Video, and Data

Native advertising has fundamentally shifted the way publishers and brands have distributed their content via paid ad formats, largely with in-feed ad units on Content, Social, and Product feeds.  We spoke with some members of the IAB Native Advertising/Content Committee to get their take on where native advertising is headed in 2017.

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10 Recent VR Investments You Should Know About

Over the last year, almost $2.5B has been invested in the VR/AR industry according to Digi-Capital. Despite the fact that a mere 6% of Americans will own a VR headset in 2016, future-looking venture capital firms have invested $500M in the VR/AR industry in Q3 of 2016, with an average investment of $9.3M.

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What Marketers Need to Know about Virtual Reality

In theory, virtual reality is a marketer’s dream.  Its hardware — think of the iconic visor-like headset — enables trendy technology like 360-degree video and spatialized audio, and has the potential to create a completely immersive space that places the user entirely within the world of a marketing campaign.

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As Virtual Reality Proliferates, It’s Clear We Need New Metrics

Brands want to know their ads are being seen, by how many real humans, and how those ads help sell their products. But beyond those basics, there’s still plenty of disagreement over how best to measure and evaluate success.

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VR Ad Tech Company Vertebrae Emerges From Stealth

Oculus may not be adding adverts to the Rift directly any time soon, but that’s not stopping other companies from doing it themselves.  A new company named Vertebrae announced its own round of Series A financing today. The VR outlet raised some $10 million as it emerged from stealth mode.

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Vertebrae’s Maxim for Virtual Reality Ads: Don’t Be Annoying

Hate obtrusive online advertising? Then imagine how you’d feel if those ads were literally in your face, playing on a virtual reality headset with no chance to look away.

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Vertebrae exits stealth and secures $10 million

With everyone seemingly keeping a close pair of eyes on the potential size of the virtual reality marketplace, discussions on how marketing, advertising, and promotion will look in this new immersive space are somewhat overlooked.

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As Virtual Reality Content Gains Traction, Bigger Dollars Flow

There’s been a ton of investor money pouring into content-driven, virtual-reality startups like Within and Lucid in recent months. Ad-focused VR players have been largely relegated to the sidelines, watching and waiting until the space becomes more mainstream with consumers.

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Blair Witch VR Trailer is a First in Immersive Movie Advertising

Sisters, from Otherworld Interactive, is creepy enough as virtual reality experiences go. A jump-scare-heavy, episodic mix of haunted house imagery combined with escape-room mechanics, it was recently chosen as one of Sundance Film Festival’s New Frontier Selections.

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