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3D creation & artist network

Leverage the Vertebrae network of vetted freelance artists for all of your 3D creation needs - including photogrammetry, CGI, and laser scanning.

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Auto-decimation & conversion pipeline

We can take your pre-existing assets from digital product photography or product design and make them ready for use everywhere - 95% cost and time savings. The platform intelligently decimates assets, providing high fidelity, lightweight outputs.

The conversion pipeline provides all the derivative assets you need for use across the omnichannel ecosystem.

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3D & AR content management

A CMS built for 3D & AR makes managing your content and experiences as easy and familiar as managing your traditional product photography. Tied to your product feed, you can provide feedback, approve, and publish/distribute assets. The platform includes parent/child workflows for large retailers, along with workflows for social platforms.

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Experiences & syndication

Vertebrae’s proprietary web-based 3D & AR viewer technology provides beautiful, accurate size/scale, photorealistic, frictionless AR experiences for virtual try-on and product placement experiences available across all browsers and devices.

Syndicate content to your retail partners, into social platforms, and across the omnichannel ecosystem.

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Insights & performance

Measure the impact of 3D & AR from our Axis platform, and dive deep into key insights and results that better inform digital strategy. Track your ecommerce metrics such as engagement, conversion, revenue per visit and continuously improve your product experience with Vertebrae’s A/B testing harness. Gain access to behavioral insights as shoppers flip, spin, configure and zoom in on 3D products to further personalize and enhance the shopping experience.

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