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AR Advertising Wins: Our Favorite AR Creative

AR Advertising Wins: Our Favorite AR Creative

There have been a slew of new AR advertising tools unveiled in the last year, and the medium is flinging the door wide open for a new kind of consumer engagement at scale. We’ve aggregated a few of our favorite, and arguably the best AR ad campaigns from Snapchat, Facebook, and mobile web below:

 SnapchatSnapchat Icon

Jordan + Darkstore:

Comprehensive Campaign from Start to Finish
Snapchat went above and beyond to launch these special Tinker sneaks with Jordan and Darkstore in February.  In a pre-sale event, users received a Snapcode, which opened a life-size 3D snapshot of Michael Jordan, mid-dunk.  Tapping on Jordan revealed another Snapcode, opening a store within the Snapchat app, where users could purchase their very own Tinker sneaks, which were delivered hours later that same evening. The shoes sold out within 23 minutes, proving e-commerce as an AR integration is a win.



Netflix’s Stranger Things:

Enter the Upside Down
Fans can enter a portal and walk around Joyce’s seemingly possessed living room in intricate detail with this lens.  An augmented reality portal is essentially a sneak peek into a world a user wouldn’t typically be able to access, something AR as a medium is uniquely capable of delivering.  This portal was particularly interactive, with hidden easter eggs activated by tapping, such as a creepy arm appearing in the hole in the wall. Both the front- and rear-facing cameras were used in this experience. Before entering the portal, raise your eyebrows to see digital blood flow from your nose, à la Eleven.




Taco Bell:

Lean into Weird
Taco Bell, as a brand, is known for innovation and their taco head Snapchat ad campaign is indicative of just that.  This Face experience turned users into a Taco Bell taco head for Cinco de Mayo, which sounds bizarre, and was. That said, this ad went viral – 224mm views, with the average user playing with the ad for 24 seconds, before sending it as a snap.   




Foot Locker:

Product Gamification in AR
The holidays tend to bring out the best in advertising, leading to fierce competition to make an impact. This often means clever brand partnerships.  In this Snapchat “unboxing” experience, Foot Locker, Jordan and Gatorade teamed up to deliver animated Gatorade Jordans users could customize and dunk.




Facebook Icon Facebook

Warner Brothers’ Ready Player One:

Portal to the Oasis
Facebook partnered with Warner Brothers to launch this marker-based AR experience for SXSW this year. Called “target tracking” by Facebook, this type of AR activation is built into printed media or activated by QR code. Scan the QR code or, in this instance, Ready Player One poster and open a portal to the Oasis. Get closer to explore this digital world in more detail.




HBO’s Game of Thrones:

“He’s coming for us. For all of us.”
If you’re not watching GOT, what are you doing?  Check out this incredible Night King Face lens in the video below. This lens maps and tracks to the user’s face while the environment transforms in the background via green screen effect.  After all, winter is coming. A video of Game of Thrones actor, Kristofer Hivju, in the Night King AR experience has been viewed 4.6mm times on Facebook. AR – the gift that keeps on giving.




Warner Brothers’ Justice League:

Become a Superhero, Instantly
Users can transform into Aquaman, Batman, the Flash, Wonder Woman, and Cyborg in this fun, interactive AR experience. Each member of the Justice League is presented in their own environment, with character-specific activities. The graphics and ability to switch between all members of the team make this a stand out campaign.




Mobile Web IconMobile Web

Of course, we can’t write a blog post about the best AR ad experiences without talking about a few that we’ve created on mobile web. Check out a couple of our favorites below:

Lionsgate’s Jigsaw:

Experience the Jigsaw Death Trap in AR
This Face AR experience, featuring an animated digital laser collar tracking to a user’s neck, offers an insider view of the action in the latest installment of the Saw series, all while staying far away from John Kramer.  Just in time for the release of Jigsaw in theaters, this campaign was delivered via a standard display ad on premium publisher inventory on mobile web.  On average, users spent 23 seconds in the Jigsaw AR experience before snapping a photo to share.  




Saban Brands’ Power Rangers:

Multi-Character, Multi-Environment AR Experience
We were thrilled to have the opportunity to produce this multifaceted experience to celebrate the Mighty Morphin crew’s 25th anniversary. Computer vision technology allows users to morph into the Red, Green, & Pink Rangers, and teleport to and from the Command Center via a green screen effect for 25 years worth of nostalgia.


Looking for more AR ad experiences?  Stay tuned.  It’s our business, after all.