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October 2018

It's the most wonderful time of the year... 

The holidays are nearly upon us which means equal parts excitement, stress, and opportunity for both retailers and shoppers alike.  And for good reason. According to Deloitte, holiday retail sales could top $1.1 trillion this year, a 5% increase from 2017.  So how can large and small retailers compete in the very crowded space that is holiday shopping?  How about bridging the gap between physical and digital product experiences? With the recent release of Apple’s AR Quick Look and advances in open-source WebXR, the magic of high-fidelity augmented reality is now possible not only in-app, but also on the web.  Thanks to platforms like Shopify and our very own Axis, it’s easier than ever for retailers to implement 3D and AR directly on their online product pages.  So now that AR for retail is easy, let’s talk about why it’s important.  We’ve already established that 3D and AR increase consumer confidence and conversion.  Interior design platform, Houzz, reported consumers exposed to AR products were 11 times more likely to purchase and spent 2.7 times more time in the Houzz app.  But how does that tie into your holiday marketing strategy? To keep it simple, we’ve made a list of the top 5 ways retailers can use 3D and AR to significantly increase conversion while creating a better holiday buying experience for their shoppers.