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September 2018

3D and AR Take the Stage

The integration of immersive media like 3D & AR into the consumer buying journey is establishing an entirely new standard for omni-channel retail and brand experiences.  The reasons for this are twofold. For one, it is easier than ever for retailers to incorporate 3D & AR into their marketing and sales strategies across platforms and the web.  Apple’s AR Quick Look along with advancements in web-based AR have made 3D & AR ecommerce more readily available. Additionally, this integration of 3D & AR with  ecommerce, something we're calling "immersive commerce", is more effective than traditional storytelling methods, which leads to a better shopping experience – one based on interactivity.  This interactivity increases the likelihood that a consumer will make a purchase. And when it comes to delivering interactivity online, 3D & AR are king.

Integrating 3D & AR Commerce on the Web

Immersive media is opening up new pathways for turning curious consumers into brand champions.  With the release of Apple’s AR Quick Look in iOS 12, 3D products can now be previewed in AR directly from the browser without having to download an app.  Why is this significant? Implementing 3D products into the consideration phase of the buying journey improves consumer confidence, which increases the likelihood of a purchase.  But to deliver 3D & AR everywhere, reach needs to be extended beyond iOS. Integration needs to be quick and painless, with a scalable process for high-fidelity 3D asset creation.  And of course, it all needs to be measurable. Meet Axis, a new platform for implementing immersive commerce on every device and web browser, from Vertebrae.