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Drive Scale

Brand safety is our priority. Reach millions of users instantly in immersive media experiences.

Engage & Immerse

Form lasting brand impressions by delivering innovative interactions in augmented reality across mobile web.

Gain Insight

Understand the person behind the phone by using camera and platform analytics to quantify engagement behavior.

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360 Video & VR Ad Formats

Vertebrae has played a leading role in helping define and standardize the following immersive ad units within the IAB New Ad Portfolio.

3D Product Placement

Place scalable native 3D products in AR & VR environments.

Interactive 360 Video

Run 360 videos in web, mobile, and

Virtual Room

Consumers can enter a fully branded room within a VR environment.

Hosted Augmented Reality

Add AR to Websites and Mobile Apps

Vertebrae builds and hosts AR experiences that can be integrated seamlessly into your brand's app or mobile website. These pages can be leveraged to entertain users, collect user-generated content, drive sweepstakes photo submissions, trial new physical products virtually, and more. Drive engagements and allow for a deeper understanding of your audience leveraging Vertebrae’s Audience Intelligence tools.

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