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From California to Texas… 

Vertebrae’s technology enables web-based 3D & AR product visualization and try-on experiences that drive engagement and sales; no headset to wear and no application to download. Founded with the vision of making the online shopping experience more like real life, Vertebrae knows AR is a truly transformative way to showcase digital products, leading to increased consumer confidence and trust.  

The company’s Axis platform enables rapid 3D & AR asset creation, management, and deployment across multiple channels and formats to reach consumers everywhere they browse and shop. The world’s largest brands and retailers use Vertebrae’s technology to deliver 3D & AR shopping experiences that drive awareness, confidence, and purchases. Vertebrae, a part of Snap Inc., is headquartered in Los Angeles with offices in Austin.


Vince Cacace
Rob Weaver
chief revenue officer
Priyanka Gupta
vice president, product
Keith Rives
senior vice president, engineering
Stef Archambault
director of customer success
James Hamilton
vice president, finance
Micah Saiger
creative director
Carolee Mitchell
vice president, solutions
Lori Bainborough
director of marketing
Chase Reid
director of 3d
Austin Velez
director of project management

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