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Vertebrae is a virtual & augmented reality advertising company. We provide a comprehensive cross-platform solution to enable brands and marketers to effectively leverage immersive media at scale.

For generations, advertisers have been using text, images and video to connect with audiences. AR & VR bring about new mediums with which to tell stories. These stories aren’t just told by running an AR lens on Snapchat, or a 360 video on Youtube, but with a comprehensive plan across all the distribution channels aggregated by the Vertebrae platform.


Vince Chief Executive Officer
Mark VP, Sales
Kwun Director, Product Management
Stefanie Director, Marketing & Operations
Nick Director, Technology
Rob Senior Fullstack Software Engineer
Paul Client Engineering Lead
Chase Senior Quality Assurance Engineer
Taylor Account Manager
Austin Software Engineer
Blaise Software Engineer
Grace Project & Operations Assistant
Tinker Chief Bark Officer

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