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From Texas to California… 

Together, we are changing the way people shop. As the leading 3D & AR technology platform, we enable our clients to bring their products to life virtually for shoppers at home, on the go, or in the store. We uniquely combine a decade of 3D & AR technology innovation with deep retail and eCommerce expertise to ensure brands and consumers get the most out of 3D & AR experiences everywhere, anytime. But it’s not only about the technology. It’s the people at Vertebrae that make us special. We genuinely like each other and creating experiences that people love.


Vince Cacace
Rob Weaver
chief revenue officer
Priyanka Gupta
vice president, product
Keith Rives
senior vice president, engineering
Stef Archambault
director of customer success
James Hamilton
vice president, finance
Micah Saiger
creative director
Carolee Mitchell
vice president, solutions
Lori Bainborough
director of marketing
Austin Velez
director of project management

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